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Dilo carding machine install

The Dilo Group are manufacturers of high quality universal and high capacity carding machines, random card technology, DeltaCard, multi doffing, lap drafter, airlay machines and we are proud to be their UK & Ireland’s official agent.

Carding Feeding Systems Find Out more

Different card feeding systems are available depending on fibre type. The feeder also makes an important contribution to web evenness.

Universal Cards Find Out more

DiloSpinnbau delivers reliable and efficient standard universal cards for all types of fibres and applications.

High Capacity Cards Find Out more

The special cards of DiloSpinnbau for the high capacity sector with working widths up to 6 m and web infeed speeds up to 400 m/min are used in direct card systems for web forming in water entangling or thermobonding lines.

Aerodynamic Web Forming Find Out more

For aerodynamic web forming we offer the systems TurboUnit, TurboCard, Turbolofter and Fiberlofter to cover the full range of area weights required.